Where to begin…

So I suppose some introductions are necessary. My name is Sherry Graham-Potter and I’m the “staring down the barrel of 50” year old mom of three sons, two biological and one gifted to me by my incredible husband of nine years, Chris.  That’s them below, a few years ago.

It’s been a tumultuous past two decades, and I’d be lying if I said I’d handled everything that was thrown my way with poise and grace, but I sure have learned a great deal. Between my youngest son’s diagnosis of SELRES_603dd20f-496d-40aa-970f-22dca02e2567SELRES_78e08876-36bf-41e6-a5ab-cc4b0d36a183SELRES_5ae9937e-3e09-4e6b-b471-beb0201e214etibial hemimeliaSELRES_5ae9937e-3e09-4e6b-b471-beb0201e214eSELRES_78e08876-36bf-41e6-a5ab-cc4b0d36a183SELRES_603dd20f-496d-40aa-970f-22dca02e2567, a complicated divorce, and the very public, very traumatic death of my second husband, a month after our wedding, I’ve had a lot on my plate. There’s been other stuff, but I consider those the “big three”.

Through a lot of trial and a LOT of error, I finally started to put things together. I realized that my coping mechanisms weren’t just terribly unhealthy, they weren’t working. Wine, anti-depressants and Netflix binges were making me MISERABLE. I needed to make some major changes.  With a great deal of support from my (absolutely amazing) husband Chris I got involved with a group of cyclists who ride across the country raising money for the families of fallen officers. I dusted off my bike and got to training. After tackling two years of 250 mile rides from Chesapeake, VA to Washington DC, Chris pushed me to attempt the 1300 mile eleven day ride from Jacksonville, FL to DC. It was while training for that  ride when I really started to put together the diet/wellness aspect of my life that became an absolute game changer for me. And that brings us to why I started this blog. I’ll be back soon with more details!